Shuba Visweswaran


Femology was born of founder Shuba Visweswaran’s struggles with perimenopause. A brand strategist, entrepreneur, and dancer,  Shuba is passionate about women’s healthcare, specifically at the midlife stage, when women have so much they want to do and yet seem invisible.

Shuba’s journey with women’s health began as a brand strategist in New York, where she built iconic brands across the women’s healthcare life cycle from the birth control pill Yaz to Humira (Abbvie) for autoimmune conditions and Boniva (Roche) for osteoporosis. Having initially coming to further her training as a Bharatha Natyam dancer, Shuba moved to India to work with the country’s leading brand design agencies, continuing her stellar run of building iconic brands, both Indian and international, as a strategy director.

What began as dissatisfaction with the specialist advice about her personal symptoms soon became a crusade for the truth behind better midlife health, as Shuba pored over research sources from academic papers and clinical trial reports to broader discussions about perimenopause and menopause. Soon, she began experimenting with original ideas for her symptoms and seeing progress. Inspired by her own journey of seeking help with her health in India and having realised that the industry wasn’t doing enough to support women in midlife, Shuba wanted to create a business that she wished existed, one that would ensure that no woman in midlife would ever feel alone, confused, or misunderstood. That’s how Femology started.

Now, armed with the knowledge of perimenopause and menopause, backed by her self-experimentation, secondary research, and hundreds of conversations with women yearning for better understanding of their midlife, Shuba is pioneering an alternative model of healthcare. Through content, community support, and world-class research-backed products, her mission is to build a quality of life brand that empowers women through the midlife journey and beyond.