Femology is a new kind of women’s healthcare company. Women in midlife are at the heart and soul of our alternative model of midlife care—one that’s rooted in science, evidence-based products, peer support, and holistic wellness.


  • ‘shrink it and pink it’ is just not good enough.
  • menopause does not equal old.
  • we don’t have to suffer through “it”—whatever it is.

We know women deserve better. You. Deserve. Better.

Let’s face it. People don’t understand menopause. Not even many of the ‘specialists’. All too often, the system dictates the options we have access to and nobody (that’s right, nobody!) seems to know exactly what to do. The gaps in training, skewed research focus, and (lack of) intent don’t help. And perimenopause? Nobody ever even tells you about that phase. How our bodies transition through to menopause is complex. And we shouldn’t navigate that alone, without the understanding or support we need. It’s damaging, distressing, and, quite frankly, unacceptable.

If you have ever felt misunderstood, ignored, or patronised when you talk about the changes your body and mind are going through, you know exactly what we are talking about. And if we don’t take charge together, then one ever will. It’s time to end the neglect.

Our origin story lies in our founder’s personal health journey, one that revealed how difficult it is to find reliable, clear, and evidence-based resources to better understand and manage hormonal health. Despite the challenges and distress, the experience was revealing.

Here’s the reality. A woman’s midlife wellbeing is a complex interplay of lifestyle, nutrition, mental health, social wellbeing, and several other factors. That’s why we take a holistic view of health and design all our information, products, and services for exactly what a woman needs at this time of her life. How a woman manages her mind and body during these transformative years—through these significant hormonal changes—deeply affects her long-term brain, emotional and heart health.

Know this. Perimenopause kicks off the second half of life. It’s a new beginning, not the beginning of the end.

We understand that the right care at the right time can be transformative. That’s why our mission is to ensure every woman in midlife knows what she needs and how to get it whenever she needs it. Femology is also building India’s most engaged community of women in mid-life, sharing, supporting, and cheering each other on as life takes on a whole new fascinating dimension. The Femology community also has early access to products, the latest research, and exclusive community content.

We are here to help and with you every step of the way. You are the only user we serve and the only one we ever will because that is what it takes.

Welcome to Femology. Welcome to the rest of your life.

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Our Team

Shuba Visweswaran


Shuba started her career as an advocate for women’s healthcare in New York, as a brand strategist and now continues that mission as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Shabdam Das Kar

Medical Advisor

Dr. Shabnam Das Kar MD, FMNM, is an obstetrician, gynaecologist, and functional medicine consultant.

Dr. Karishma Thariani

Medical Advisor

Dr. Karishma Thariani M.S., D.N.B., and MNAMS, is among the few urogynecologists in India and has over nine years of experience.